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1. Prevention of impact, mitigation, preparedness response and recovery and rehabilitation.

2. Comprehensive development of infrastructure through Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA).

3. Adaptation of Integrated Ecosystem Management Approach to increase resource and endowment use benefits.

4. Institutionalize livelihood development for the marginalize groups to attain equitable natural, manmade, financial assets.

5. Responsive governance to reduce graft and corruption practices and losses of LGU financial resources.

6. Strong partnership of PO’s and NGO’s in the management and protection of marine sanctuary, reserve, park and easements.

7. Promulgation of Land Use Control Policies and attaining a spatial and functional land utilization.

8. Implementation of Coastal Fisheries and Marine Resources Management (CFMRM) and Ecological Solid Waste Management (ESWM) Plans.

9. Preserve coastline and easement and establish riverbank stabilization to prevent and negated environmental impacts.