Municipal Participatory Situation Analysis Workshop

Municipal Participatory Situation Analysis Workshop

Engr. Emmanuel L. Macalos, MPDO/MAC presented and discussed the Municipal Profile of San Isidro as one of the basic fundamentals as bases for the data needed for the PSA.

TIER 2 or KALAHI-CIDSS TIER 2 is an LGU-implemented incentive round for good performing Yolanda-affected municipalities using regular CEAC processes funded by foreign exchange gains from ADB emergency loan.

Along with the continuous  implementation of TIER 2, last April 27-28, 2017 a two days Municipal Participatory Situation Analysis (MPSA) was conducted at the Women’s Center, San Isidro, Surigao del Norte that was participated by the MLGU Officials, MIAC Members, BLGU Officials and Participatory Situation Analysis (PSA) Volunteers.

Participatory Situation Analysis (MPSA) is a method of collective information sharing and analysis that can be used for a variety of purposes: strengthening organizations, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of programs, and drafting of community development plans. The purpose of the said activity is to mobilize local communities to share information about local conditions from their own perspectives; to employ people’s involvement methods to acquire relevant data from community members in the formulation of development plans; to congregate people to share their knowledge of and experiences on their condition through the use of visual tools; and to make the people more critical and analytical in understanding their current condition.


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